How Do I ... ?
If we over simplify things, EBSuite CRM can be described as:

Pre-Sales Sales (Selling Product) Post-Sales (Selling Service) Post-Sales
Capture Leads, Email Campaigns...
Customer Interaction, Opportunity & Forecast...
Case, Knowledge, Support Portal...
Provide service in the form of Projects...
Marketing     Marketing focuses on the pre-sales stage. It is all about capturing leads, qualifying them, and get them motivated ( email campaigns ).

How do I put a form on my website, and start capturing leads?

How do I start sending emails to my new leads?

How do I process Leads, and convert them to Contacts / Opportunities?

Sales     Sales focuses on selling your Products and Services. It is all about communications, advancing the opportunity stages, and winning deals.

Can I use all the Form Builder features in the Sales Module?

How do I manage Calls?

How do I track customer interactions: Appointments, Tasks, Notes, etc.?

How can I one-click create an Opportunity?

Can I auto create Opportunities from Emails?

Support     After the sales of your product, use support to solve customer issues. EBSuite Support is also an excellent enterprise helpdesk solution.

How do I create a Case?

How do I automatically transfer Emails to Cases?

What are knowledges for?

How do I configure a Support Portal?

Project     After the sales of your service, use Projects to fulfill the service contracts.

Project Overview

How do I track times?

How do I setup the Project Portal?